Groog IT has been built and designed according to current market needs. People do a lot of social interaction and business, but how to integrate it all in one platform? How to integrate social life and business people in a fun and easy environment? It was enough for Eric Pichette to found Groog IT November 1 2013.
Our goal
Provide a business and social platform control by a valorization index.

  • It was in October 2013 that our President Mr Eric Pichette ruminates the idea of a business and social world under one roof

    After 1 month of intense research and his extensive knowledge on social networks and technologies he decide to founded Groog IT 1 November 2013.
  • In December 2013, he gathered a small team of Quebecers, Chinese, Canadians and begins programming www.groogit.com
  • Quickly into the 2014 debut team and offices are expanding to eye sight. It only took a few months for the Groog IT team to grow over 20 employees and collaborators to continue the built this extraordinary project.

    We of course needed to increase our work area and acquire our first building in June 2014.
  • On September 8 2014, after 10 months of day and night work on the conception of Groog IT design, we did our official opening. No less than 100 people and project collaborators came to the small town of Maniwaki Quebec to attend this phenomenal moment!